Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World

A Work of Reclamation and Restitution in Twelve Books

Book Twelve - The Resurrection from Amenta

In Annu shines the ray
Of resurrection on the judgment-day.

The dark Amenta quakes
As with diviner dawn Osiris wakes

And with his key[The Ankh-key of life.] hath risen
To free the arm of Amsu from its prison.

Out of our mortal night
He suddenly flashed and fleshed his lance of light.

Jaw-broken lies the black
Grim Boar, mouth open, with its fangs turned back.

Egypt the living Word
Of the eternal truth once more is heard;

Nor shall her reign be o’er
While language lasts till time shall be no more.

Ancient Egypt - The Light of the World

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