Appendix B.

Employment of a Child-Clairvoyant by Cagliostro

The well known Joseph Belsamo, Count Cagliostro, is said to have been born at Palermo in 1743. On his trial at Rome in 1790, and at Zurich in 1791, he was accused of "having practised all kinds of impositions; of gold making, and of possessing the the secret of prolonging life; of teaching Cabalistic arts; of excorcising spirits; of having actually foretold future things especially in small and secret assemblies, and chiefly by means of a little boy whom he took aside with him into a seperate room in order to fit him for divining."

With regard to the manner in which he emplyed this child clairvoyant, the documents of the trial give the following information:- "This child had to kneel before a small table, on which a vessel of water and some lighted candles were placed. He then instructed the boy to look into the vessel of water, and so commenced his conjurations; he next laid his hand on the head of the child, and in this position addressed a prayer to God for a successful issue of the experiment. The child now became clairvoyant, and said at first that he saw something white; then he saw visions, an angel, etc."

Again the documents say, "That he worked through the usual ceremonies, and that all was wonderfully corroborated through the appearance of the angel".

Cagliostro is also said at Milan to have availed himself of the services of a orphan maiden of marriageable age as clairvoyant.

It will be remarked that this modus operandi differs strongly from that employed by the mesermists and hypnotists of today with their clairvoyants. For here the whole force of the operator was concentrated on a magical ritual of evocation, the hand being laid on the head of the child's head to form a link; and in no way appears that the child was reduced to the miserable condition of automatic trance now practised, and which a really advanced occultist would be the first to condemn, as knowing its dangers.  

On the other hand there seems to be a distinct similarity between Cagliostro's method, and the system of oriental divination called Mendal, which I have previously mentioned.

The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage