The Book of Ceremonial Magic

§ 6. Concerning the Silken Cloth 1

When all the instruments belonging to the Art have been properly consecrated and exorcised, they must be gathered into a costly cloth of silk, as Solomon ordains-says the testament whereby they may be preserved clean and pure and may thus be more efficacious. So it be not black or brown, the colour is indifferent, but the following characters must be written upon it in pigeon's blood with the male goose-quill proper to the Art.

Add these names: ADONAY, AMMASTIUS, ANARETON, COSBOS, ELOYM. Then fumigate and asperge, reciting subsequently the Psalms Domine, Dominus noster, Deus Judicium tuum Regi da and Ecce nunc dimittis. 2 Place, lastly, all the magical instruments in this silken cloth. "So shalt thou use them at will and shalt learn their effect," says the Magus, Iroë-Grego. But the pledge has a savour of the salt which is called prudence.


169:1 This process is adapted from the Key of Solomon, Book ii. c. 20. There, however, the use of blood is omitted.

169:2 Psalm viii. and Psalm lxxi. in the Vulgate, together with the Canticle of Simeon.

The Book of Ceremonial Magic

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