The Book of Ceremonial Magic


The Mysteries of Goëtic Theurgy according to the

Lesser Key of Solomon the King

§1 Concerning the Spirits of the Brazen Vessel, otherwise called the False
Monarchy of Demons

THE Goëtic Art of Solomon 1 gives instructions for the evocation of the seventy-two spirits whom the King of Israel, according to a well-known legend, shut up in a brass vessel and cast into a deep lake. When the vessel was discovered by the Babylonians, it was supposed to contain a great treasure and was accordingly broken open. The spirits who were thus set at liberty, together with their legions, returned to their former places,
Belial excepted, who entered into a certain image, and gave oracles to the people of the country in return for sacrifices and divine honours, by which there is corrupt Kabalistic authority for concluding that demons were assuaged and sustained. Their names and offices are as follows:--


195:1 Though a work of considerable length, this Lesser Key, so far as it concerns our inquiry, admits of reduction into a manageable compass by the omission of tiresome and egregious particulars as to the number of spirits who are subject to a particular Lord, Prince or Emperors and are liable to appear in his company. It should be understood in a general way that there are hundreds and thousands and millions, according to the dignity of the hierarch; they must have been a source of considerable inconvenience, and even of dismay, to the operator!


I. BAAL, a king ruling in the East, who imparts invisibility and wisdom. He appears with a human head, or with that of a toad or cat, 1 but sometimes with all at once. He speaks with a hoarse voice. 2

THE SEAL OF AGARES                        THE SEAL OF VASSAGO                         THE SEAL OF VASSAGO USED IN
                                                                                                                                      WHITE MAGIC

II. AGARES, a duke ruling in the East, who appears in the form of a comely old man, ambling upon a crocodile and carrying a goshawk on his wrist. He makes those who run stand still, brings back runaways, teaches all languages, destroys spiritual and temporal dignities and causes earthquakes. 3 He is of the Order of the Virtues. 4

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III. VASSAGO, a mighty prince, of the nature of Agares, who declares things past, present and future, and discovers what has been lost or hidden. He is good by nature. 1

IV. GAMYGYN, a great marquis, appearing in the form of a small horse or ass, but afterwards in human shape. He speaks hoarsely, teaching the liberal sciences, and giving news of souls who have died in sin. 2

THE SEAL OF GAMYGYN                             THE SEAL OF MARBAS                             THE SEAL OF VALEFOR

V. MARBAS, 3 a president, who appears as a mighty lion, and then in human shape. 4 He answers truly concerning all things hidden or secret, causes and cures diseases, imparts skill in mechanics, and changes men into various shapes. 5

VI. VALEFOR, 6 a powerful duke, appearing as a many-headed lion. 7 He leads those with whom he is familiar into theft.

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VII. AMON, a strong and powerful marquis, who appears like a wolf with a serpent's head 1 and vomiting flame. When so ordered, he assumes a human shape, but with the teeth of a dog. 2 He discerns past and future, procures love and reconciles friends and foes.


VIII. BARBATOS, a great count and duke, who appears when the sun is in Sagittarius with four noble kings and three companies of troops; he gives instruction in all the sciences, reveals treasures concealed by enchantment, knows the past and future, reconciles friends and those in power, and is of the Order of the Virtues. 3


IX. PAIMON, a great king, very obedient to Lucifer. 4 He appears like a crowned man seated on a dromedary, preceded by all manner of musicians. He speaks with a roaring voice, teaches all arts, sciences and secrets, gives and confirms dignities, makes men subject to the will of the Magician, provides good familiars. He is observed towards the
North-West, and is of the Order of Dominions. 5


196:1 The cat is the traditional domestic favourite, not only of those who diabolise, but of the diabolical world itself, which shews that after all there is a strong link with humanity in the cohorts of Lucifer. The reader will remember that the cat falls on its feet, not by natural good luck, but by the special dispensation of Mohammed, and that the favourite
of the Prophet is in Paradise, no doubt on the best terms with the dog of the Seven Sleepers.

196:2 Another codex says that he manifests with three beads-the first like a toad, the second like a man and the third like a cat.

196:3 According to the Vocabulaire Infernal, the special province of Agares is to put to flight the enemies of those whom he protects.

196:4 That is, he belonged to this choir during the first estate of the Fallen Angels.

197:1 This may account for his invocation, especially in Ceremonial Crystallomancy, by the putative adepts of White Magic--as the most dubious of all arts is called in the scorn of its professors.

197:2 According to Wierus, he summons into the presence of the exorcist the souls of drowned men and of those detained in Purgatory, called magically Cartagra--that is, the affliction of souls. They assume an aërial body, are visible to sight and reply to questions.
Another version says that Gamygyn tarries with the exorcist till he has accomplished his desires.

197:3 Or Barbas.

197:4 At the request of the operator (Wierus).

197:5 He is the third spirit in the Hierarchy of Wierus.

197:6 Or Malaphar.

197:7 With the head of a hunter or a thief, says Wierus. He shews friendship to his familiars till they are caught in the trap.
198:1 Cauda serpentis, says Wierus.

198:2 And, according to another MS., "a great head like to a mighty raven."

198:3 He also understands the songs of birds and the language of all other animals (Wierus).

198:4 A longer recension says: By Lucifer is here to be understood he that was drowned in the depths of his knowledge. He would needs be like God and for his pride and arrogancy was thrown out into destruction. Of him it is said--Every precious stone is thy covering. The last reference is to the panegyric of the Prince of Tyre in Ezekiel: its occurrence in this place is most remarkable.

198:5 It appears from Wierus that the operator may fail to understand this spirit, in which case he must stretch forth the character belonging to him and command him to speak clearly.

                    THE SEAL OF BUER                                                         THE SEAL OF GUSION

X. BUER, 1 a great president, who appears when the sun is in Sagittarius and teaches philosophy, logic, the virtues of herbs, &c. He heals all diseases and gives good familiars.

XI. GUSION, 2 a mighty duke, who appears like a cynocephalus, discerns the past,
present and future, answers all questions, reconciles enemies and gives honour and

                          THE SEAL OF SYTRY                                                        THE SEAL OF BELETH

XII. SYTRY, a great prince, who appears with a leopard's head and the wings of a griffin, but assumes a beautiful human form at the Magician's command. He procures love between the two sexes, and causes women to shew themselves naked. 3

XIII. BELETH, 4 a terrible and mighty king, riding on a pale horse, preceded by all manner of musicians. He is very

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furious when first summoned, and must be commanded into a triangle or circle with the hazel wand of the Magician pointed to the South-East. He must be received courteously and with homage, but a silver ring must be worn on the middle finger of the left hand, which must he held against the face. He procures love between man and woman and is of the Order of the Powers. 1

                  THE SEAL OF LERAJIE                                                                  THE SEAL OF ELIGOR

XIV. LERAJIE, a powerful marquis, coming in the likeness of an archer, clad in green and bearing bow and quiver. He occasions battles and causes arrow-wounds to putrefy.

XV. ELIGOR, a great duke, appearing as a goodly knight carrying a lance, pennon and sceptre. He discovers hidden things, causes war, marshals armies, kindles love and lust. 2

                       THE SEAL OF ZEPAR                                                                  THE SEAL OF BOTIS

XVI. ZEPAR, a great duke, who appears in red apparel and armed like a soldier. He inflames women with love for men
p. 201 and can transform them into other shapes till they have been enjoyed by their lovers. 1

XVII. BOTIS, a great president and earl, who appears like a horrid viper, but, when commanded, assumes a human shape, with large teeth and horns. He bears a sharp sword in his hand, discerns past, present and future reconciles friends and foes.


XVIII. BATHIN, 2 a mighty duke, who appears like a strong man with a serpent's tail, riding on a pale horse. He knows the virtues of herbs and precious stones, and can transport men swiftly from one country to another.


XIX SALEOS, 3 a great duke, who appears like a brave soldier, riding on a crocodile and wearing a duke's crown. He promotes love between the sexes.


XX. PURSON, 4 a great king, who appears like a lion-headed man, carrying a viper in his hand and riding on a bear, preceded by many trumpeters. He conceals and discovers treasure, discerns past, present and future, gives true answers respecting things human and divine, and provides good familiars. 5


199:1 The seventh spirit of the Pseudo-Monarchia. He is also an exponent of ethics.

199:2 Otherwise, Gusayn, the eighth spirit of Wierus, and Pirsoyn, according to the variant of another MS.

199:3 Jussus secreta libenter detegit feminarum, eas ridens ludificansque ut se luxorise nudent.--Wierus.

199:4 Otherwise, Byleth. Some codices give considerable space to this demon and the precautions to be taken concerning him.

200:1 He yet hopes to be restored to the Seventh Thrones--"which is not altogether credible," according to one of the versions.

200:2 Alternatively, he procures the favour of lords and knights.

201:1 The last statement is on the authority of Wierus. According to another reading, Zepar makes women barren.

201:2 Otherwise, Bathym or Marthim.

201:3 Called also Zaleos.

201:4 Otherwise, Curson.

201:5 He also utters sound doctrine concerning the creation of the world.


XXI. MORAX, 1 a great earl and president, who appears like a human headed bull, and gives skill in astronomy and the liberal sciences, with good familiars. He knows the virtues of all herbs and precious stones.


XXII. IPOS, 2 a mighty earl and prince, appearing as an angel with a lion's head, 3 the webbed feet of a goose and a hare's tail. He knows the past and future, and imparts wit and courage.


XXIII. AINI, 4 a strong duke, who appears with the body of a handsome man but having three heads, the first like a serpent, the second like a man with two stars on the forehead and the third like a cat. He rides on a viper and carries a blazing firebrand, with which he spreads destruction. He imparts much cunning and gives true answers concerning private matters.


XXIV. NABERIUS, 5 a valiant marquis, who appears in the form of a crowing cock and flutters about the circle. He speaks hoarsely, gives skill in arts and sciences, especially rhetoric, and restores lost dignities and honours. 6

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XXV. GLASYALABOLAS, 1 a mighty president, who comes in the form of a dog, but winged like a griffin, He teaches all arts and sciences instantaneously, incites to bloodshed, is the leader of all homicides, discerns past and future, and makes men invisible.


XXVI. BUNE, a strong duke, who appears as a three-headed dragon, the heads being respectively those of a dog, griffin and man. He has a pleasant voice; he changes the places of the dead, causes demons to crowd round sepulchres, gives riches, makes men wise and eloquent, answers questions truly.


XXVII. RONOBE, 2 a great marquis and earl, appears in a monstrous form; he teaches rhetoric and the arts, gives a good understanding, the knowledge of tongues and favour of friends and foes.

XXVIII. BERITH, 3 a terrible duke, appearing in the form

p. 204


of a soldier in red apparel, with a golden crown, and bestriding a red horse. The ring used
for Berith is required for his evocation. He gives true answers of things past, present and to come, turns all metals into gold, gives and confirms dignities. He speaks in a clear and persuasive voice, but is a great liar and his advice must not be trusted.


XXIX. ASTAROTH, a great and powerful duke, appears like a beautiful angel 1 riding on an infernal dragon and carrying a viper in his right hand. He must not be permitted to approach on account of his stinking breath, and the magician must defend his face with the magic ring. answers truly concerning past, present and future, discovers all secrets and gives great skill in the liberal sciences. He will also discourse willingly concerning the fall of spirits. 2


XXX. FORNEUS, a great marquis, appears as a sea-monster. He teaches all arts and sciences, including rhetoric, gives a

p. 205

good reputation and the knowledge of tongues, and causes men to be loved by their enemies even as by their friends.


202:1 This spirit is named Foraii by Wierus. Another variant is Forfax.

202:2 Otherwise, Ipes, Ayporos or Aypeos.

202:3 According to Wierus, sometimes in the form of an angel and sometimes in that of a crafty and evil lion. He is termed filthy and obscene, even in the angelic mask.

202:4 Called Aym or Haborym by Wierus.

202:5 i.e., Cerberus.

202:6 Another codex reverses this, saying that he procures the loss of prelacies and dignities.

203:1 Alias, Caacrinolaas or Caassimola.

203:2 Otherwise, Roneve and Ronove.

203:3 This spirit, says Wierus, is by some called Beal, but by the Jews Berith and by necromancers Bofi or Bolfry.

204:1 Another version says "a foul angel."

204:2 But pretends that he himself was exempt from their lapse (Wierus).


XXXI. FORAS, 1 a great president, who appears in the form of a strong man and teaches the virtues of all herbs and precious stones, as well as logic and ethics; he makes men invisible, imparts wit, wisdom and eloquence, discovers treasures and restores things lost.


XXXII. ASMODAY, 2 a strong and powerful king, appears with three heads, the first like a bull, the second like a man and the third like a ram. He has a serpent's tail, the webbed feet of a goose and he vomits fire. He rides an infernal dragon, carries lance and pennon and is the chief of the power of Amaymon. He must be invoked bareheaded, 3 for
otherwise he will deceive. He gives the ring of virtues, teaches arithmetic, geomancy and all handicrafts, answers all questions, makes men invisible, indicates the places of concealed treasures and guards them, if within the dominion of Amaymon.

XXXII. GAAP, 4 a great president and prince, appears when the sun is in the southern signs, coming in a human shape and preceded by four powerful kings. He teaches philosophy

p. 206


and the liberal sciences, excites love and hatred, makes men insensible, gives instruction in the consecration of those things which belong to the divination of Amaymon, his king, delivers familiars out of the custody of other Magicians, gives true answers as to past, present and future, transports and returns men speedily from place to place at the will of
the exorcist. He was of the Order of the Powers. 1


XXXIV. FURFUR, a great earl, appears in the form of a hart, with a fiery tail, and will not open his mouth till compelled within the triangle. 2 He then assumes the form of an angel, speaking with a hoarse voice. He causes love between man and wife, raises thunder, lightning and great winds, gives true answers about secret and divine things.


XXXV. MARCHOSIAS, a mighty marquis, appears in the form of a wolf 3 with the wings of a griffin, a serpent's tail and fire issuing from. his mouth. At the command of the operator he assumes a human form. He is strong in battle, gives true answers to all questions and is extremely

p. 207

faithful to the exorcist. He belongs to the Order of Dominations. 1

XXXVI. SOLAS or STOLAS, a powerful prince, appears in the likeness of a raven and then as a man. He teaches the art of astronomy and the virtues of herbs and stones.

           THE SEAL OF SOLAS                                                                THE SEAL OF PHOENIX

XXXVII. PHOENIX, a great marquis, appears like the bird of that name, singing dulcet notes in a child's voice. 2 When he assumes human shape at the will of the Magician, he speaks marvellously of all sciences, proves an excellent poet and fulfils orders admirably.
He hopes to return to the Seventh Thrones in 1200 years.

Concerning the Spirits of the Brazen Vessel called the False Monarchy of Demons - continued

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