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The contents of this book are among the last writings of Max Heindel, the mystic. They contain some of his deepest thoughts, and are the result of years of research and occult investigation. He, too, could say as did Parsifal:
'Through error and through suffering I came, through many failures and through countless woes." At last he was given the living water with which he was able to quench the spiritual thirst of many souls. He also developed to their depths
pity and love, and could feel the heart throbs of suffering humanity.
Strong souls are usually endowed with great energy and impulse, and through these very forces, they forge to the front ranks though they often suffer much. As a result they are filled with compassion for others. The writer of these lessons sacrificed his physical body on the altar of service.
In writing the books and monthly lessons of the Fellowship, in his lectures and class work, and in the arduous pioneer work of establishing Headquarters within the short span of ten years. Max Heindel accomplished more than many who are blessed with perfect health could have accomplished in a lifetime. His first book, his masterpiece, "The Rosierucian Cosmo-Conception," was written under the direct guidance of the Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross. It carries a vital message to the world. It satisfies not alone the intellect, but also the heart. His "Freemasonry and Catholicism," has found its way into many Masonic libraries. The occultist has received much from the book entitled, "The Web of Destiny," which is a mine of mystical knowledge and helpful occult truths.
It is also a guide to the investigator, establishing danger signals for the venturesome ones who wish to take heaven by storm. To the science of astrology he has given more in a few years than has previously been discovered in centuries. His two valuable works, "Simplified Scientific Astrology" and "The Message of the Stars," deal largely with the spiritual and medical aspects of astrology. The latter gives methods of diagnosis and healing which form a valuable
addition to the works of other authors, both ancient and modern. These books may be found in the libraries of many doctors of the old school.
In "Gleanings of a Mystic, are found twenty-four lessons which were formerly sent out to students. It is the wish of the writer of this introduction that these lessons may carry a message of love and cheer to the soul-hungry reader and hope to the disconsolate one.
                                                                                                                                       Augusta Foss HeindeL.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Initiation: What It Is and Is Not Part I                               7

Chapter II.
Initiation: What It Is and Is Not Part ll                             14

Chapter III.
The Sacrament of Communion Part l                                 21

Chapter IV.
The Sacrament of Communion Part ll                               28

Chapter V.
The Sacrament of Baptism. 37                                            37

Chapter VI.
The Sacrament of Marriage. 46                                          46

Chapter VII.
The Unpardonable Sin and Lost Souls. 54                         54

Chapter VIII.
The Immaculate Conception. 61                                         61

Chapter IX.
The Coming Christ, 69                                                        69

Chapter X.
The Coming Age. 77                                                            77

Chapter XI.
Meat and Drink as Factors in Evolution. 85                      85

Chapter XII.
A Living Sacrifice. 94                                                           94

Chapter XIII.
Magic, White and Black. 101                                              101

Chapter XIV.
Our Invisible Government. 108                                          108

Chapter XV.
Practical Precepts for Practical People. 114                     114

Chapter XVI.
Sound, Silence, and Soul Growth. 121                               121

Chapter XVII.
The * ' Mysterium Magnum" of the Rose Cross 130        130

Chapter XVIII.
Stumbling Blocks. 138                                                         138

Chapter XIX.
The Lock of Upliftment. 147                                               147

Chapter XX.
The Cosmic Meaning of Easter Part I. 153                         153

Chapter XXI.
The Cosmic Meaning of Easter Part II. 160                        160

Chapter XXII.
The Newborn Christ. 167                                                      167

Chapter XXIII.
Why I am a Rosicrucian. 173                                                 173

Chapter XXIV.
The Object of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. 180                   180

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