494. RABBI SCHIMEON spake unto his companions, and said: "When that veil is expanded (by which is to he understood the representation of the beard of Macroprosopus) which ye behold above us, I see that all the conformations have descended therein, and that they shine forth in that place. (Now like as if he intended to say, AMN, Amen, the discourse concerning Macroprosopus being finished, he describeth this particular symbolism, which is contained in the ensuing symbols.)

495. "And a certain covering, even the splendour of the most holy and blessed God (otherwise the opening of holiness; but by this is understood the Tetragrammaton, which, together with the name, ADNI, Adonai, maketh the number of the word AMN, Amen, that is 91): is expanded through four columns on four sides (which are the four letters of the holy name, by which he saith that space is surrounded ).

496. "One column is so placed that it reacheth from the lowest unto the highest. (This is the Kingdom of the emanations, the base and lowest Part of the whole system of emanation, because it is said to ascend from the lowest part of the middle column even unto the summit of the Crown. )

497. "And therein is a certain MGRVPIA, Megerophia, vessel containing fire (for like as the fire an the altar could not be touched with bare hands, so that name, Tetragrammaton, cannot be touched and pronounced by the mouth, but it is touched and produced by ADNI, Adonai, which is ShM, Sham, His name; for ShM and MGRVPIA both Yield 340 by Gematria); and in the fire−containing vessel are four keys, sharp on every side (for such was the form of the keys, in
order that they might draw aside the veil, as a lock is shot back by a key. But the four letters of the name ADNI, Adonai, are hereby to be understood, which are inserted into and united with the four letters IHVH, in this manner, IAHDVNHI); which seize upon that. veil, and withdraw it from the superiors.

498. "And thus in the second column and the third column and the fourth column (that is, the four letters are applied to the other four letters, as hath just been said).

499. "And between one column and another column are contained eighteen bases of columns (here is to be understood the name expanded through the seventy−two names or numbers; for either pertain unto Macroprosopus, and four times eighteen yieldeth seventy−two ): and they shine forth with brilliancy in the openings carved out in


(If to each of these triliteral names AL or IH, El or Yah, be added, the names of 72 Angels are obtained, who
rule over the 72 quinaries of the degrees of the Zodiac.)
1. Vehu; 2. Yeli; 3. Sit; 4. Aulem; 5. Mahash; 6. Lelah; 7. Aka; 8. Kahath; 9. Hezi; 10. Elad; 11. Lav; 12.
Hahau; 13. Yezel; 14. Mebah; 15. Heri; 16. Haqem; 17. Lau; 18. Keli; 19. Levo; 20. Pahel; 21. Nelak; 22.
Yiai; 23. Melah; 24. Chaho; 25. Nethah; 26. Haa; 27. Yereth; 28. Shaah; 29. Riyi; 30. Aum; 31. Lekab; 32.
Vesher; 33. Yecho; 34. Lebach; 35. Keveq; 36. Menad; 37. Ani; 38. Chaum; 39. Rehau; 40. Yeiz; 41. Hahah;
42. Mik; 43. Veval; 44. Yelah; 45. Sael; 46. Auri; 47. Aushal; 48. Miah; 49. Vaho; 50. Doni; 51. Hachash;
52. Aumem; 53. Nena; 54. Neith; 55. Mabeh; 56 Poï; 57. Nemem; 58. Yeil; 59. Harach; 60. Metzer; 61.
Vamet; 62. Yehah; 63. Aunu; 64. Mechi; 65: Dameb; 66. Menaq; 67. Aiau; 68. Chebo; 69. Raah; 70. Yebem;
71. Haiai; 72. Möum.

that veil, and so on all four sides. (By the "openings carved out" is to be understood the exposition of the name, Tetragrammaton.)

500. "I beheld those forms which shine above it, and await the words of our lips, that they may be crowned and raised each in its own place.

501. "And when they are expounded by our lips, they ascend singly and are crowned, and are disposed in that order which is here given forth by the mouth of whosoever amongst us (happeneth to be expounding them).

502. "And whensoever anyone amongst us openeth his mouth, so that he may speak concerning any conformation, that form is localized and awaiteth the voice which goeth forth from our lips, and then it ascendeth in its place and is crowned.

503. "And all the columns on this side and on that side rejoice ( here are understood the holy living creatures, the cherubim, which were before the columns, and the chiefs of the angelic guards, and they are said to have come hither); because they hear that which before they knew not. And in the sound of your voices are heard the rushing of countless chariots (the noise of the wings of the hosts of the angelic chariots of God, rushing onwards); and they stand here around you in multitudes, awaiting the speech of your voice.

504. "O blessed are ye in the world to come! because all the words which go forth from your mouth are all holy, all true, which err not, neither on the right nor yet on the left (seeing they are the holy names of God).

505. "God, the holy and blessed one, rejoiceth to hear these things, and He listeneth unto these words until He himself shall give sentence, for in the world to come all these holy words shall be enumerated for the second time.

506. "Concerning you is it written, Cant. vii. 9: 'And the roof of thy mouth, like the best wine for my beloved, that goeth down sweetly, causing the lips of those that are asleep to speak.'

507. "What is this? 'Causing the lips of those that are asleep to speak.' Because even in the world to come shall your lips utter the words of the law before Him."

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