This book will give the magician instruction on how he shall create the circle. As I have said before, the circle should be made strong enough to hold out the spirits for the duration of the conjuration. Should you seek to conjure on of the many faces of Nyarlathotep then the circle may be made from flour, chalk or cut into the earth with the knife or sword. If you would seek to conjure the Greater Spirits then the circle must be cut into the earth or into stone and then it must be filled in with flour and silver dust, for silver offers most excellent protection against the spirits, as does the stone Kinocetus, which may also be powdered for the purpose of strengthening the circle. The form of the circle is thus;

and it shall be made to the size of nine feet and it may be made for permenant of temporary use. At the north of the circle, three feet away, you will place the seal of the spirit which you wish to call. And the seal shall be written upon a circle of one foot of fine lamb skin or parchment. The ink used shall be that of a white pigeons blood, which shall be killed with the knife and the blood collected in a new bowl. A pen shall be made from a feather of the bird. The creation of the circle and the seal shall be done eight hours prior to the rite of conjuration. If you would seek to evoke the Old Spirits then you must make the circle in the hour of Mercury, being eight hours before the conjuration. Once it has been created, the circle should not be entered until the ritual of evocation commences and the seal should be kept wrapped in white silk before the circle. And at the passing of every hour leading up to the ritual you shall banish and wandering spirits from the working area. First you shall make the Sign four times, saying each time: Iratisinger herikoramonus derogex Dalerinter. Then you shall speak the following
Away! Away!
I command all wandering spirits to depart in peace
I command you, depart or face my wrath.
I am the he who howls the forgotten names,
I am he who shall bring forth the spirit n.!
Turn and face me, for I hold the Sign!
+ + +
Iratisinger +
Herikoramonus +
Derogex +
Daleringer +
Now depart with haste!

Grimoirium Imperium

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