Magical (Spirit Commado) beside the Black Raven

Romae ad Arcanum Pontificatus under Pope Alexander VI

Printed in 1501 AD


If you want to compel spirits to appear visibly before you and render you obedience,
observe the following instructions:

1. Keep God's commandments as much as possible.

2. Build and trust solely upon the might and power of God: believe firmly in his omnipotent help in your work, and the spirits will become your servants and will obey you.

3. Continue your citations and do not cease, even if the spirits do not appear at once. Be steadfast in your work and have faith, for the doubter will obtain nothing.

4. Take special note of the times for the invocation:

Monday night                                                          from eleven until three.

Tuesday night                                                          from ten until two

Wednesday night                                                     from twelve until three

Thursday night                                                        from twelve until two

Friday night                                                             from ten until three

Saturday night                                                         from ten until twelve

Sunday Sabbath                                                       keep holy unto the Lord Sabaoth, Adonai, Tetragrammaton

5. The time must be the new moon, that is, the moon must be waxing.

6. Trace the circle {below} on parchment with the blood of Young white doves. The size of the circle is optional.

7. The circle must be consecrated before the ceremony, with the following words:

Ego (name of the conjuror), consecro et benedico istum circulum per Nomina Dei Attisimi in ec Scripta, ut sit mihi et omnibus Scutum et Protectio dei Fortissimi Elohim Invincibilie contra omnes malignos Spiritus, gerurmque Potestates. In Nomine Dei Patris Dei Filii Dei Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Upon your entrance into this circle, speak as follows: Tetragrammaton, Theos, Ischiros, Athanatos, Messias, Imas, Kyrie Eleison. Amen.

After you have entered the circle, begin your operation with the following prayer from the Ninety-first psalm:

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in Him will I trust. Surely He shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with His feathers and under his wings shalt thou trust. His
truth shall be thy shield and thy buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night nor of the arrow that flieth by day. Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the Most High, thy habitation. There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. Because he has set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him. I will set him on high because he has known my name. He will call upon me and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble. I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation. Even so help me and all

them that seek thy holy God the Father God the Son God the Holy Ghost


Citation of the Seven Great Princes


Following is some information regarding the appearances and provinces of the various spirits.

AZIEL is a very prompt treasure spirit of the earth and of the sea. He appears in the form of a wild ox.

ARIEL is a very serviceable spirit, and appears in the form of a ferocious dog. He commands the lost treasures of the land and sea.

MARBUEL appears in the form of an old lion. He delivers the treasures of the water and of the land, and assists in obtaining all secret knowledge and honors.

MEPHISTOPHILIS is ready to serve, and appears in the form of a youth. He is willing to serve in all skilled arts, and gives the spiritus Servos, otherwise called "familiars." He brings treasures from the earth and from the deep very quickly.

BARBUEL is a master of all arts and all secret knowledge, a great master of all treasure. He is very accommodating, and appears with alacrity in the form of a wild hog.

AZIABEL is a prince of the water and mountain spirits and their treasures. He is amiable and wears a large pearl crown.

ANITUEL appears in the form of a serpent of paradise. He confers great wealth and honors according to wish.


The seals or General Characters of the Seven Great Princes must be written upon virgin parchment with the blood of butterflies, at the time of the full moon. The Seven Great Princes have among them some of the legions of crown-spirits who were expelled from

                            Heaven, according to tradition.
                            Mundus ater cum illis
                            Me pactum dicit habere
                            Sed me teque Deus
                            Te illo custodiat omnes.


Citation of AZIEL


Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience.

Agla, Cadelo, Samba, Caclem, Awenhatoacoro, Aziel, Zorwotho, Yzeworth, Xoro,
Quotwe, Theosy, Meweth, Xosoy, Yachyros, Gaba, Hagay, Staworo, Wyhaty, Ruoso
Xuatho, Rum, Ruwoth, Zyros, Quaylos, Wewor, Vegath, Wysor, Wuzoy, Noses, * Aziel.

Citation of Ariel


Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience.

Yschiros, Theor Zebaoth, Wyzeth, Yzathos, Xyzo, Xywethororwoy, Xantho, Wiros,
Rurawey, Ymowe, Noswathosway, Wuvnethowesy, Zebaoth, Yvmo, Zvswethonowe,
Yschyrioskay, Ulathos, Wyzoy, Yrsawo, Xyzeth, Durobijthaos, Wuzowethus, Yzweoy,
Zaday, Zywaye, Hagathorwos, Yachyros, Imas, Tetragrammaton, Ariel.

Citation of Marbuel


Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience.

Adonay, Jehova, Zebaoth, Theos, Yzhathoroswe, Wehozymathos, Zosim, Yghoroy,
Vegorym, Abaij, Wogos, Gijghijm, Zeowoij, Ykosowe, Wothym, Kijzwe, Uijwoth,
Omegros, Hehgewe, Zebaoij, Wezator, Zibuo, Sijbetho, Ythos, Zeatijm, Wovoe,
Sijwoijmwethij, Pharvoij, Zewor, Wegfos, Ruhen, Hvbathoroos, Stawows, Zijen,
Zijwowij, Haros, Worse, Yzwet, Zebaoth, Agla, Marbuel.

Citation of Mephistophilis


Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience

Messias, Adonaij, Weforus, Xathor, Yxewe, Soraweijs, Yxaron, Wegharh, Zijhalor,
Weghaij, Weosron, Xoxijwe, Zijwohwawetho, Ragthoswatho, Zebaoth, Adonaij,
Zijwetho, Aglaij, Wijzathe, Zadaij, Zijebo, Xosthoy, Athlato, Zsewey, Zyxyset, Ysche,
Sarsewu, Zyzyrn, Deworonhathbo, Xyxewe, Syzwe, Theos, Yschaos, Worsonbefgosy,
Gefgowe, Hegor, Quaratho, Zywe, Messias, Abarabi, Mephistophilis.

Citation of Barbuel


Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience.

Yschiros, Imns, Zebaoth, Otheos, Kuwethosorym, Zylohym, Zaday, Yschowe, Quyos,
Zenhatorowav, Yzwesor, Xywoy, Yzyryr, Zalijmo, Zabaoth, Adonaii, Messias, Aglabaij,
Stoweos, Hijwetho, Ycoros, Zijwetho, Uwoim, Chamoweo, Zijzobeth, Sotho, Emnohalj,
Zedije, Huwethos, Chorij, Yzquoos, Liraije, Weghoijm, Xiixor, Waijos, Gofaljme,
Toroswe, Yeijros, Emanuel, Imas, Barbuel.

Citation of Aziabel


Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience.

Thoeos, Ygweto, Yzgowoij, Quiseo, Wijzope, Xorsoij, Nowetho, Yxose, Haguthou,
Xoro, Theos, Magowo, Wijzosorwothe, Xaroshaij, Zebaoth, Emanuel, Messias,
Yzijwotho, Zadaij, Xexhatosijmeij, Buwatho, Ysewet, Xijrathor, Zijbos, Malhaton, Yzos,
Uzewor, Raguil, Wewot, Yzewewe, Quorhijm, Zadob, Zibathor, Weget, Zijzawe, Ulijzor,
Tetragrammaton, Aziabel.

Citation of Anituel


Seal or Character for Coercion and Obedience.

Thoeos, Aba, Aaba, Aba, Agathoswaij, Yzoroij, Ywetho, Quardos, Quasoai, Uschjjros,
Cijmoe, Qowathim, Geofoij, Zarobe, Weghatj, Ohegathorowaij, Mesows, Xalose,
Waghthorsowe, Wephatho, Yzebo, Storilwethonaij, Quorathon, Sijbo, Mephor, Wijhose,
Zaloros, Ruetho, Zebaathonaijwos, Zijweth, Ycarij, Ruwethonowe, Ruiathosowaij,
Zebaoth, Messias, Anituel.


If these great princes do not appear immediately on the foregoing Citations, or if they hesitate in their obedience, then cast frankincense and myrrh upon burning coals; when the smoke arises, place the spirit seal thereon, and pronounce the following mysterious words:


Spirituum Cactiva Mosis Aaron et Salomonis
Zijmuorsobet, Noijm, Zavaxo, Quehaij, Abawo, Noquetonaij, Oasaij, Wuram,
Thefotoson, Zijoronoaifwetho, Mugelthor, Yzxe, Agiopuaij, Huzije, Surhatijm, Sowe,
Oxursoij, Zijbo, Yzweth, Quaij, Salrthos, Quaij, Qeahaij, Qijrpu, Sardowe, Xoro,
Wuggofhoswerhiz, Kaweko, Ykquos, Zehatho, Aba. Amen.

The Apparition

The conjured spirit will appear almost as soon as these word are said. As soon as he appears, address and compel him with the following words.

Binding Of Moses

Zebaoth, Abatho, Tetragrammaton, Adonaij, Abathoij, Zijhawe, Aglaij, Quohowe, Agla,
Muijroshoweth, Phalowaij, Agla, Theos, Messias, Zijwethororijm, Feghowo, Aba,
Mowewo, Choe, Adonaij, Cewoe, Christohatos, Tetragrammaton.


Since the spirits will now appear quickly, express your desires to them clearly, honestly and without fear for nothing can harm you. Rather they must serve you obediently and give your all you require of them. However, remember not to compromise with any spirits in any way, do not yield to them in any way, and be firm in your demeanor. For these words of might and power that you have used in the conjuration are sufficient to compel the spirits to obey you and to do so without harm or deception.



Since the spirits have now served you according to your wishes, dismiss them and discharge them with the following words: Zebaoth, Theos, Yschyres, Messias, Imas, Weghaymnko, Quoheos, Roveym, Christoze, Abay, Xewefaraym, Agla.

And now depart in the name of God. Praise, love and thank God to the end.

The Rabellini Table

or Tabellae Rabellinae

for the

Command of Spirits

General Citation of White and Black Magic for the Invocation of Good and Evil Spirits

Roma, Vaticano ad Arcanum Pontificatus Under Pope Alexander VI

Printed in 1501 A.D.

Monarchy of the Good and Familiar Spirits

The following angelic spirits can be cited for all human ministrations: Seraphim Uriel,
Cherubim Raphael, Thronus Oriphiel, Dominatio Zachariel, Potestas Gabriel, Virtus
Barbiel, Principatus Requel, Archangelus Anael, Angelus Phaleg.

These are the Princes of the nine Choir of Angels. They have among them many spirits 1,000 times 1,000 without end. Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus.

These angelic spirits appear very willingly to human beings to help and serve them in all things.

Other Good Spirits

Chymchy, Asbeor, Yzazel, Xomoy, Asmoy, Diema, Bethor, Arfose, Zenay, Corowe,
Orowor, Xonor, Quilheth, Quato, Wewor, Gefowe, Gorhon, Woreth, Hagyr, Welor.

Archarontica or Evil Spirits

Even though evil, the following spirits are still familiar or ministering spirits, and are ready to serve.

Thebot, Wethor, Quorthonn, Ywote, Yrson, Xysorym, Zuwoy, Puchon, Tulef, Legioh, Xexor, Woryon.


Concerning white magic, take notice that all good spirits must be cited when the moon is full, the Princes of the nine Choir of Angels, as well as the other good spirits.

Concerning black magic, take notice that the Seven Princes of Evil must be cited during new moon. Other evil spirits are cited most readily in the dark of the moon, or at the time of an eclipse of the sun or the moon. The circle already {above}, as coercive of hell, is to be used for all spirits, good or evil.

General Citation of Moses, Aaron and Solomon for All Spirits

Aba, Alpha, Omega, Hewozywetony, Xewerator, Menhatoy, Queo, Zuwezet, Rumoy,
Ruwetze, Quano, Duzy, Zenthono-Rohmatru, Xono, Zonozebethoos, Zebaoth, Aglay,
Tetragrammaton, Adonay, Theos, Ysehyroroseth, Zumquvos, Nywe, Athanatos, Thoy,
Quyhet, Homor, Wethoum, Ywae, Ysgeboth, Oray, Zywo, Ysgewot, Zururogos, Zuy,
Zywethorosto, Rurom, Xuwye, Xunewe, Keoso, Wecato, Zyweso, Tetragrammaton.

Now pronounce the name of the good or evil spirit distinctly that you wish to conjure. He will appear very suddenly. You then may address him.

Coercion or Binding Of Spirits

Theohatatos, Quyseym, Gefgowe, Phagayr, Messias. Amen.

Valedictio or Dismissal of Spirits

Theos, Zebaoth, Adonay, Ischiros, Zaday, Messias, Salomos, Yweth, Thors, Yzheto,
Thyym, Quowe, Xehatoym, Phoe, Tetragrammaton.

Now pronounce the name of the spirit and let him depart in peace. Deus Principium et


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