A Manual of Occultism

by Sepharial

A Manual of Occultism by Sepharial

Part I

The Occult Sciences

The Volitional Faculty - The Will and Imagination - Adeptship - Astrology - Kabalism - Talismans - Numerology -
Palmistry - Hypnotism, Etc., Etc.


Astrology - Section I

I The Alphabet, etc.

II The Aspects

III The Signs

IV The Houses.

Astrology - Section II

I Making a Horoscope

II Foreign Horoscopes

Astrology - Section III

I Personal Appearance

II The Constitution

III Health

IV Character

V Accidents

VI The Fortunes

VII The Position

VIII The Occupation

IX Marriage

X Progeny

XI Travelling

XII Friends and Enemies

XIII Kinds of Death

Astrology - Section IV

I The Measure of Time

II Example of Directions

III Secondary Directions

IV Transits and Eclipses, etc.

V Mundane Astrology

VI Other Methods


I Types of Hands

II Mounts or Cushions

III The Phalanges

IV The Lines

V Nine Prinipal Lines

VI Incidental Marks

Thaumaturgic Arts

I The Kabala

II The Calculatory Art

III Of Evil Spirits

IV Man's Spiritual Freedom

V On Talismans

VI Numerology

Hypnotism and Mesmerism

Part II

The Occult Arts

On the Art of Divination and the use of the Automatic Faculty - The Subconcious Intelligence - Clairvoyance,
Psychometry, Dreams, Etc. To Which is Appended an Essay on Alchemy.

I Divination

II The Tarot

III Cartomancy

IV Various Methods

V Crystal Gazing

VI Preliminaries and Practice

VII Visions and Interpretations

VIII Some Experiences

IX Geomancy

X Casting and Judging the Figure

XI Symbols in the Twelve Houses

XII Psychometry

XIII Dreams

XIIV Sortileges


Alchemy Section

Main Library