Of obsolete words, or words used in an obsolete sense

Abraham Man: A wandering beggar, originally a crippled or insane person supported by a monastery who was turned out at the Dissolution.
Adust: Dried up or thicker than normal
Apologue: An allegorical fable
Bangle Away: Fritter away, squander
Brach: A hound
Bradiopepsia: Slowness of digestion
Brownbastard: A sweet Spanish wine
Cachexia: A disease in which all the bodily parts are corrupt or deprived of nourishment
Cacochymia: Corruption of bodily humours
Cantharides: Spanish fly
Carcase: The framework of a building
Cardiaca: Heartburn or angina
Cark (N.): Anxiety, trouble
Carle (V.): To snarl or growl
Carpet Knight: A knight whose accomplishments are more in the boudoir than the battle-field
Cates: Dainty foods
Catoptrics: The optical science of reflection
Choler: Bile
Chuff (N): A boor
Chylus, Chilus: Digested food, as passed from the stomach to the gut
Cicuta: Hemlock
Circumforanean: Wandering, vagabond
Civilian: A lawyer specialising in civil cases
Clancular: Secret, underhand
Cock-Boat: A small rowing-boat
Cocker (V.): To indulge or pamper
Combust: (Of the moon or a planet) Invisible because near the sun inthe sky
Compellations: Words addressed to someone
Concoction: Digestion of food; generation and development of the humours(q.v)
Constringed: Compressed or condensed
Constuprate: To rape
Contemn: To despise
Corographer: An author of an account of a particular country or district
Coulstaff: A pole used to carry heavy objects, which were slung from it, and the coulstaff supported on the shoulders of two men

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Crudity: Imperfect concoction (q.v) of the humours (q.v.)
Cubbed: Up Cooped up
Cullion: A ballocks (in both senses)
Currier: A tanner or leather-dresser
Dehort: Dissuade
Deliquium: A fainting fit
Distemperature: A disordered condition or ailment of the body
Dummerer: A beggar who pretends to be dumb
Emmet: An ant
Empiric (N.): A quack doctor
Emulgent: (Blood Vessels) The blood vessels of the kidneys
Flaggy: Flabby, limp
Fleer: To grimace
Fuliginous: Sooty
Fumados: Smoked pilchards
Funge: A soft-headed person
Fusled: Confused, muddled
Genethliacal: Astrological
Geniture: Horoscope
Gloze: To flatter, explain away, "spin"
Goosecap: A fool
Gripe (N.): A miser
Haberdine: Salt cod
Humour: One of the four fluids of the body governing health etc: Blood, Bile, Phlegm, Black bile
Hypochondries: The upper abdomen, between the breast-bone and navel
Imbonity: Unkindness
Incondite: (of speech) Sudden cries without meaning, as "Oh!" "Ah!" "Grr!" etc.
Insuavity: Surliness
Intempestive: Inappropriate
Irrefragable: Undeniable
Jument: A beast of burden
Kell: A caul
Landleaper: A vagabond or fugitive
Lapithæ: A people of Thessaly
Livor: A bruise or similar discoloration of the skin; also, malice or spite
Luculent: Brilliant, shining
Malificated: Evil-intentioned
Mastupration: Masturbation
Mediately: Through an intermediary
Merry-Thought: A wishbone
Meseraical, Mesaraic: Of the mesentery, the membranes of the abdomen.
Metoposcopy: Telling a person's fortune or character by the appearance of his forehead, or face generally
Monomachy: Duel, single combat

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Morphew: An ailment which causes scaling of the skin
Mouldwarp: A mole (the burrowing animal)
Myrache, Mirach: The abdomen, esp. the part around the stomach
Obnubilate: Cloud over
Oppilations: Obstructions
Oppugner: An adversary
Pairmain: A variety of apple
Parable (A.): Accessible, Easily obtained,
Pasquil: A lampoon. It was the custom in Rome to affix lampoons to the statue of Pasquil St. Mark's Day.
Peckled: Spotted, speckled
Perstringe: To criticise or find fault.
Philosophastic: Of or relating to a philosophaster, a shallow or pseudophilosopher
Pituita: Phlegm
Poke: (Bavarian) Goitre
Polyanthean (a.): Relating to an anthology; (n.) the compiler or user of one
Precipitium: A precipice
Purley Purlieu,: land around the edges of a forest
Quean: A slut or prostitute
Rumney: A sweet wine believed to be from Romania (actually Greece)
Scrub (N.): An insignificant or contemptible person
Semiustulation: Half-burning
Serves: The fruit of the service-tree (Sorbus)
Six Non-Natural Things:
Diet; retention and evacuation; air; exercise; sleeping and waking; perturbations of the mind (See Part. 1 Sec. 2 Memb
1. Subsect 1.)
Spectrum: A ghost
Stick Free: (A person) immune to injury by a weapon
Stramineous: Made of straw, worthless
Struma: Scrofula or goitre
Stum Rod ?
Stupend: Extraordinary
Stut: Stutter
Suffite: A perfume burned or smoked as a medicinal remedy
Suffumigation: Perfuming a room with herbs etc. whose aroma is medicinal
Tetric: Bitter, morose
Theologastic: Of or relating to a theologaster, a shallow or pseudotheologian
Trencher: Chaplain A chaplain who is one of a rich man's household servants
Tully: Cicero
Turgent: Swollen with pride
Typmany: A swelling or tumour
Vastity: Desolation
Venditate: To display for sale, or as if for sale
Venery: Sex or the pursuit of it; hunting in general
Wourts: Worts, i.e. plants, vegetables

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