The Cattle-Raid of Cualnge

(Tain Bo Cuailnge)

An Old Irish Prose-Epic

Translated for the first time from Leabhar na h-Uidhri and the Yellow Book of Lecan


L. Winifred Faraday, M. A.


Published by David Nutt

At the Sign of the Phoenix

Long Acre


Edinburgh: T. and A. CONSTABLE. Printers to His Majesty




      <page ix>

    THE CATTLE-RAID OF CUALNGE (from Leabhar na h-Uidhri)  <page 1>

        Cuchulainn's Boyish Deeds  <page 17>

        The Death of Fraech   <page 35>

        The Death of Orlam   <page 36>

        The Death of the Meic Garach   <page 38>

       The Death of the Squirrel   <page 39>

        The Death of Lethan   <page 40>

        The Death of Lochu   <page 41>

        The Harrying of Cualnge (first version)   <page 41>

                      "          "      (second   version)   <page 43>

        Mac Roth's Embassy   <page 48>

        The Death of Etarcomol   <page 51>

        The Death of Nadcrantail   <page 55>

        The Finding of the Bull   <page 59>

        The Death of Redg    <page 60>

        The Meeting of Cuchulainn and Findabair   <page 62>

        The Combat of Munremar and Curoi    <page 64>

        The Death of the Boys (first version)    <page 65>

        The Woman-fight of Rochad   <page 66>

        The Death of the Princes    <page 67>

        The Death of Cur    <page 68>

       [p. viii]


        The Number of the Feats   <page 69>

        The Death of Ferbaeth

      <page 70>

        The Combat of Larine Mac Nois

      <page 72>

        The Conversation of the Morrigan with Cuchulainn

      <page 74>

        The Death of Long Mac Emonis

      <page 75>

        The Healing of the Morrigan

      <page 8>

        The Coming of Lug Mac Ethlend

      <page 82>

        The Death of the Boys (second version)

      <page 86>

        The Arming of Cuchulainn

      <page 87>

     CONTINUATION (from the Yellow Book of Lecan)

      <page 99>

        The Combat of Fer Diad and Cuchulainn

      <page 99>

        The Long Warning of Sualtaim

      <page 113>

        The Muster of the Ulstermen

      <page 115>

        The Vision of Dubthach

      <page 116>

        The March of the Companies

      <page 117>

        The Muster of the Men of Ireland

      <page 133>

        The Battle on Garach and Irgarach

      <page 134>

        The Meeting of the Bulls

      <page 139>

        The Peace

      <page 141>


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