Compiled and Translated
S.L. “MacGregor” Mathers

Editing and Additional Material
Aleister Crowley

Page Five


This is the Form of the Magical Circle of King Solomon, the which he made that he might preserve himself therein from the malice of these Evil Spirits. (See Frontispiece, Figure 153.) This Magical Circle is to be made 9 feet across,
and the Divine Names are to be written around it, beginning at EHYEH, and ending at LEVANAH, Luna.

(Colours. - The space between the outer and inner circles, where the serpent28 is coiled, with the Hebrew names written along his body, is bright deep yellow. The square in the centre of the circle, where the word “Master” is written, is filled in with red. All names and letters are in black. In the Hexagrams the outer triangles where the letters A, D, O, N, A, I, appear are filled in with bright yellow, the centres, where the T-shaped crosses are, blue or green. In the Pentagrams outside the circle, the outer triangles where “Te, tra, gram, ma, ton,” is written, are filled in bright yellow, and the centres with the T crosses written therein are red.”)


This is the Form of the Magical Triangle, into the which Solomon did command the Evil Spirits. It is to be made at 2 feet distance from the Magical Circle and it is 3 feet across. (See Frontispiece Figure 154.) Note that this triangle is to be placed toward that quarter whereunto the Spirit belongeth. And the base of the triangle is to be nearest unto the Circle, the apex pointing in the direction of the quarter of the Spirit.
Observe thou also the Moon in thy working, as aforesaid, etc. Anaphaxeton is sometimes written Anepheneton.

(Colours. - Triangle outlined in black; name of Michael black on white ground; the three Names without the triangle written in red; circle in centre entirely filled in in dark green.)

28 The coiled serpent is only shown in one private codex, the Hebrew names being in most cases simply written round in a somewhat spiral arrangement within the double circle. It is to be remembered that Hebrew is always written from right to left, instead of from left to right like ordinary European languages. The small Maltese crosses are placed to mark the conclusion of each separate set of Hebrew names. These names are those of Deity Angels and Archangels allotted by the Qabalists to each of the 9 first Sephiroth or Divine Emanations. In English letters they run thus, beginning from
the head of the serpent: + Ehyeh Kether Metatron Chaioth Ha-Qadehs Rashith Ha-Galgalim S.P.M. (for "Sphere of the Primum Mobile") + lah Chokmah Ratziel Auphanim Masloth S.S.F (for "Sphere of the Fixed Stars," or S.Z. for "Sphere of the Zodiac") + Iehovah Eolhim Binah Tzaphquiel Aralim Shabbathai S. (for "Sphere") of Saturn + El Chesed Tzadquiel Chaschmalim Tzedeq S. of Jupiter + Elohim Gibor Geburah Kamael Seraphim Madim S. of Mars + Iehovah Eloah Va-Daath Tiphereth Raphael Malakim Shemesh S. of the Sun + Iehovah Tzabaoth Netzach Haniel Elohim Nogah S. of Venus. + Elohim Tzabaoth Hod Michael Beni Elohim Kokav S. of Mercury + Shaddai El Chai lesod
Gabriel Cherubim Levanah S. of the Moon +


THIS is the Form of the Hexagram of Solomon, the figure whereof is to be made on parchment of a calf’s skin, and worn at the skirt of thy white vestment, and covered with a cloth of fine linen white and pure, the which is to be shown unto the
Spirits when they do appear, so that they be compelled to take human shape upon them and be obedient.

(Colours. - Circle, Hexagon, and T cross in centre outlined in black, Maltese crosses black; the five exterior triangles of the Hexagram where Te, tra, gram, ma, ton, is written, are filled in with bright yellow; the T cross in centre is red, with the three little squares therein in black. The lower exterior triangle, where the Sigil is drawn in black, is left white. The words “ Tetragrammaton” and “Tau” are in black letters; and AGLA with Alpha and Omega in red letters.)


THIS is the Form of Pentagram of Solomon, the figure whereof is to be made in Sol or Luna (Gold or Silver), and worn upon thy breast; having the Seal of the Spirit required upon the other side thereof. It is to preserve thee from danger, and also to command the Spirits by.

(Colours. - Circle and pentagram outlined in black. Names and Sigils within Pentagram black also. “Tetragrammaton” in red letters. Ground of centre of Pentagram, where “Soluzen” is written, green. External angles of Pentagram where
“Abdia ... .. Ballaton, Halliza, “ etc., are written, blue.)


THIS is the Form of the Magic Ring, or rather Disc, of Solomon, the figure whereof is to be made in gold or silver. It is to be held before the face of the exorcist to preserve him from the stinking sulphurous fumes and flaming breath of the Evil Spirits.

(Colour. - Bright yellow. Letters, black.)


THIS is the Form of the Vessel of Brass wherein King Solomon did shut up the Evil Spirits, etc. (See Figures 158 and 159.) (Somewhat different forms are given in the various codices. The seal in Figure 160 was made in brass to cover this vessel with at the top.
This history of the genii shut up in the brazen vessel by King Solomon recalls the story of “The Fisherman and the Jinni “ in “The Arabian Nights.” In this tale, however, there was only one jinni shut up in a vessel of yellow brass the which
was covered at the top with a leaden seal. This jinni tells the fisherman that his name is Sakhr, or Sacar.)

(Colour. - Bronze. Letters.-Black on a red band.)

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