Henry Cornelius Agrippa, His Fourth BOOK of Occult Philosophy.


Translated into English by Robert Turner.

LONDON: Printed by J.C. for John Harrison, at the Lamb at the East-end of Pauls. 1655.

Fortuna Major

The greater   Fortuna major being found in the first House, giveth long life, and freeth from the
Fortune.       molestation of Diseases: it demonstrateth a man to be noble, magnanimous, of good manners, mean of stature, complexion ruddy, hair curling, and his superior members greater than his inferiour. In the second House, he signifies manifest riches and manifest gain, good fortune, and the gaining of any thing lost or mis-laid; the taking of a thief, and recovery of things stolen. In the third House, he signifies brethren and kinsmen, Nobles, and persons of good conversation; journeys to be prosperous and gainful with honour: it demonstrateth men to be faithful, and their friendship to be unfeigned. In the fourth House, he represents a father to be noble, and of good reputation, and known by many people: He enlargeth possessions in Cities, increaseth Patrimonies, and discovereth hidden treasures. In this place he likewise signifies theft, and recovers every thing lost. In the fifth House, he giveth joy by children, and causeth them to attain great Honours: Ebassages he rendereth prosperous; but they are purchased with pains, and prayers: He noteth rumours to be true: he bestoweth publike Honours, and causeth a man to be very famous after death: foresheweth a woman with childe to bring forth a man-childe. In the sixth House, he freeth from diseases; sheweth those that have infirmities shall in a short time recover; signifieth a Physician to be faithful and honest to administer good Physick, of which there ought to be had no suspicion; household servants and ministers to be faithful: and of animals, he chiefly signifies Horses. In the seventh House, he giveth a wife rich, honest, and of good manners; loving and pleasant: he overcometh strifes and contentions.
But if the Question be concerning them, he signifieth the adversaries to be very potent, and great favourites. In the eighth House, if a Question be proposed of the death of any one, it signifies he shall live: the kinde of death he sheweth to be good and natural; and honest burial, and honourable Funerals: He foresheweth a wife to have a rich dowry, legacies and inheritance. In the ninth House, he signifies journeys to be prosperous; and by land on horseback, rather then on foot, to be long, and not soon accomplished: He sheweth the return of those that are absent; signifies men to be of good faith and constant in their intentions; and religious; and that never change or alter their faith: Dreams he presageth to be true; signifieth true and perfect Sciences. In the tenth House, he foresheweth great Honours, bestoweth publike Offices, Magistracie, and Judgements; and honours in the Courts of Princes: signifieth Judges to be just, and not corrupted with gifts: bringeth a Cause to be easily and soon expedited: sheweth Kings to be potent, fortunate, and victorious: denoteth Victory to be certain: signifieth a mother to be noble, and of long
life. In the eleventh House, he signifies true friends, and profitable; a Prince rich and liberal; maketh a man fortunate, and beloved of his Prince. In the twelfth House, if a Question be proposed of the quality of enemies, it demonstrateth them to be potent and noble, and hardly to be resisted: But if a Question shall be concerning any other condition or
respect to the enemies, he will deliver from their treacheries. It signifieth faithful servants; reduceth fugitives; hath signification of animals, as horses, lions, and bulls; freeth from imprisonments; and eminent dangers he either mitigateth or taketh away.

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