Henry Cornelius Agrippa, His Fourth BOOK of Occult Philosophy.


Translated into English by Robert Turner.

LONDON: Printed by J.C. for John Harrison, at the Lamb at the East-end of Pauls. 1655.

Albus in the first House signifies a life vexed with continual sickness and grievous dis-               White
eases; signifies a man of a short stature, broad brest, and gross arms, having curled or crisped hair, one of a broad full mouth, a great talker and babler, given much to use vain and unprofitable discourse, but one that is merry, joyous, jocund, and much pleasing to men. In the second House Albus enlargeth and augmenteth substance gained by sports, playes, vile and base arts and exercises, but such as are pleasing and delightful; as by playes, pastimes, dancings and laughters: he discovereth both the theef, and the theft or thing stollen, and hideth and concealeth treasure. In the third House Albus signifies very few brethren; giveth not many, but tedious and wearisome journeys, and signifies all deceivers. In the fourth House he sheweth very small or no Patrimony, and the Father to be a man much known; but declareth him to be a man of some base and inferiour Office and Imployment. In the fifth House Albus giveth no children, or if any, that they shall soon dies; declareth a woman to be servile, and causeth such as are young to miscarry, or else to bring forth Monsters; denoteth all rumours to be false, and raiseth no honour. In the sixth House Albus causeth very tedious sicknesses and diseases; discovereth the fraud, deceit and wickedness of servants, and signifies diseases and infirmities of cattel to be mortal, and maketh the Physician to be suspected of the sick patient. Albus in the seventh House giveth a barren wife, but one that is fair and beautiful; few suits or controversies, but such as shall be of very long continuance. In the eighth House if a question be propounded of any one, Albus shews the party to be dead; giveth little portion or dowry with a wife, and causeth that to be much strived and contended for. In the ninth House Albus denoteth some journeys to be accomplished, but with mean profit; hindereth him that is absent, and signifies he shall not return; and declareth a man to be superstitious in Religion, and given to false and deceitful Sciences. In the tenth Albus causeth Princes and Judges to be malevolent; sheweth vile and base Offices and Magisteries; signifies a Mother to be a whore, or one much suspected for adultery. In the eleventh House Albus maketh dissembling and false friends; causeth love and favour to be inconstant. Albus in the twelfth House denoteth vile, impotent, and rustical enemies; sheweth such as are in prison shall not escape, and signifies a great many and various troubles and discommodities of ones life.

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