Henry Cornelius Agrippa, His Fourth BOOK of Occult Philosophy.


Translated into English by Robert Turner.

LONDON: Printed by J.C. for John Harrison, at the Lamb at the East-end of Pauls. 1655.

Geomancy is an Art of Divination, wherby the judgement may be rendred by lot, or destiny, to every question of everything whatsoever, but the Art hereof consisteth especially in certain points whereof certain figures are deducted according to the reason or rule of equality or inequality, likeness or unlikeness; which Figures are also reduced to the Coelestiall Figures, assuming their natures and proprieties, according to the course and forms of the Signes and Planets; notwithstanding this in the first place we are to consider, that whereas this kinde of Art can declare or shew forth nothing of verity, unless it shall be radicall in some sumblime vertue, and this the Authours of this Science have demonstrated to be two-fold: the one whereof consists in Religion and Ceremonies; and therefore they will have the Projectings of the points of this Art to bee made with signes in the Earth, wherefore this Art is appropriated to this Element of Earth, even as Pyromancy to the fire, and Hydromancy to the Element of Water: Then whereas they judged the hand of the Projector or Worker to me most powerfully moved, and directed to the terrestriall spirits; and therefore they first used certaine holy incantations and deprecations, with other rites and observations, provoking and alluring spirits of this nature hereunto.
Another power there is that doth direct and rule this Lot or Fortune, which is the very soule it selfe of the Projector, when he is carried to this work with some great egresse or his owne desire, for this Art hath the same Radix with the Art of Astrologicall Questions: which also can no otherwise bee verified, unlesse with a constant and excessive affection of the Querent himselfe: Now then that wee may proceed to the Praxis of this Art; first it is to be knowne, that all Figures upon which this whole Art is founded are only sixteen, as in this following Table you shall see noted, with their names.

Now we proceed to declare with what Planets these Figures are distributed; for hereupon all the propriety and nature of Figures and the judgement of the whole Art dependeth: Therefore the greater and lesser Fortune are ascribed to the Sun; but the first or greater Fortune is when the Sun is diurnall, and posited in his dignities; the other, or lesser Fortune is when the Sun is nocturnall, or placed in lesse dignities: Via, and Populus (that is, the Way , and People) are referred to the Moone; the first from her beginning and encreasing, the second from her full light and quarter decreasing: Acquisitio, and Laetitia (which is Gaine, Profit; Joy and Gladness) are of Jupiter: But the first hath Jupiter the greater Fortune, the second the lesse, but without detriment: Puella, and Amissio are of Venus; the first fortunate, the other (as it were) retrograde, or combust: Conjunctio and Albus are both Figures of Mercury, and are both good; but the first the more Fortunate: Puer, and Rubeus are Figures ascribed to Mars; the first whereof hath Mars benevolent, the second malevolent: Carcer, and Tristitia are both Figures of Saturn and both evill; but the first of the greater detriment: The Dragons head, and Dragons tayle doe follow their own natures.
And these are the infallible comparisons of the Figures, and from these wee may easily discerne the equality of their signes; therefore the greater and lesser Fortunes have the signes of Leo, which is the House of the Sun: Via and Populus have the signe of Cancer, which is the House of the Moone: Acquisitio hath for his signe Pisces; and Laetitia, Sagitary, which are both the Houses of Jupiter: Puella hath the signe of Taurus, and Amissio of Libra, which are the Houses of Venus: Conjunctio hath for its signe Virgo, and Albus the signe Gemini, the Houses of Mercury: Puella and Rubeus have for their signe Scorpio, the House of Mars:1 Carcer hath the signe of Capricorne, and Tristitia Aquary, the Houses of Saturn: The Dragons head and taile are thus divided, the head to Capricorne, and the Dragons taile adhereth to Scorpio; and from hence you may easily obtaine the triplicities of these signs after the manner of the triplicities of the signes of the Zodiack: Puer therefore, both Fortunes, and Laetitia do govern the fiery triplicity; Puell, Conjunctio, Carcer, and the Dragons head the earthly triplicity: Albus, Amissio, and Tristitia, doe make the Airy triplicity: and Via, Populus, and Rubeus, with the Dragons taile, and Acquisitio do rule the watry triplicity, and this order is taken according to the course or manner of the signes.
But if any one will constitute these triplicities according to the natures of the Planets, and the Figures themselves, let him observe this Rule, that Fortuna major, Rubeus, Puer, and Amissio doe make the fiery triplicity: Fortuna minor, Puella, Laetitia, and Conjunctio triplicity of Ayre: Acquisitio, the Dragons taile, Via, and Populus doe governe the watry triplicity; and the earthly triplicity is ruled by Carcer, Tristitia, Albus, and the Dragons head.
And this way is rather to be observed then the first which we have set forth; because it is constituted according to the Rule and manner of the signes.
This order is also far more true and rationall then that which vulgarly is used, which is described after this manner: of the Fiery triplicity are, Cauda, Fortuna minor, Amissio, and Rubeus: of the Airy triplicity are, Acquisitio, Laetitia, Puer, and Conjunctio: of the watry triplicity are, Populus, Via, Albus, and Puella: And Caput, Fortuna major, Carcer, and Tristitia are of the earthly triplicity.
They doe likewise distribute these Figures to the twelve signes of the Zodiack, after this manner, Acquisitio is given to Aries; Fortuna, both major and minor to Taurus; Laetitia to the signe Gemini; Puella and Rubeus to Cancer; Albus is assigned to Leo, Via to Virgo; the Dragons head, and Conjunctio to Libra; Puer is submitted to Scorpio; Tristitia

1. This should be Puer and Rubeus, with Puer assigned to Aries, as is confirmed by the following sentences.

and Amissio are assigned to Sagitary; the Dragons taile to Capricorne; Populus to Aquarius; and Carcer is assigned the signe Pisces.
And now we come to speake of the manner of projecting or setting downe these Figures, which is thus; that we set downe the points according to their course in four lines, from the right hand towards the left, and this in four courses: There will therefore result unto us foure Figures made in foure severall line; which foure Figures are wont to be called Matres: which doe bring forth the rest, filling up and compleating the whole Figure of Judgement, an whereof you may see heere following.

Of these foure Matres are also produced foure other secondary Figures, which they call Filia, or Succedents, which are gathered together after this manner; that is to say, by making the four Matres according to their order, placing them by course one after another; then that which shall result out of every line, maketh the Figure of Filiae, the order whereof is by discending from the superior points through the mediums to the lowest: as in this example.1

1. That is to say, the four Matres are placed in a single row as in Table 3. The dots in the top row of the figures are used to form the first Filia: The top row of the first Matre becomes the top row of the first Filia; the top row of the second Matre becomes the second row of the first Filia; the top row of the third Matre becomes the third row of the first Filia, and the top row of the last Matre becomes the bottom row of the first Filia. The second, third and fourth rows of the Matres are similarly used to form the remaining Filiae.

And these 8 Figures do make 8 Houses of Heaven, after this manner, by placing the Figures from the left hand towards the right: as the foure Matres do make the foure first Houses, so the foure Filia doe make the foure following Houses, which are the fift, sixt, seaventh, and eighth: and the rest of the Houses are found after this manner; that is to say, out of the first and second is derived the ninth; out of the third and fourth the tenth; out of the fifth and sixth the eleventh; and out of the seventh and eighth the twelfth: By the combination or joyning together of the two Figures according to the rule of the even or uneven number in the remaining points of each Figure. After the same manner there are produced out of the last foure Figures; that is to say, of the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth, two Figures which they call Coadjutrices or Testes; out of which two is also one constituted, which is called the Index of the whole Figure, or thing Queried: as appeareth in this example following. 1
And this which we have declared is the common manner observed by Geomancers, which we do not altogether reject neither extoll; there this is also to be considered in our judgements: Now therefore I shall give unto you the true Figure of Geomancy, according to the right constitution of Astrologicall reason, which is thus.
As the former Matres doe make the foure Angles of an House, the first maketh the first Angle, the second the second Angle, the third maketh the third Angle, and the fourth the fourth Angle; so the foure Filiae arising from the Matres, doe constitute the foure succedent Houses; the first maketh the second House, the second the eleventh, the third the
eighth, and the fourth maketh the fifth House: the rest of the Houses, which are Cadents are to be calculated according to the Rule of their triplicity; that is to say, by making the ninth out of the fourth 2 and fifth, and the sixth out of the tenth and second, of the seventh and eleventh the third, and of the fourth and eighth the twelfth.
And now you have the whole Figure of true judgement constituted according to true and efficatious reasons, whereby I shall shew how you shall compleat it: the Figure which shall bee in the first house shall give you the signe ascending, which the first Figure sheweth; which being done, you shall attribute their signes to the rest of their Houses, Table 3: Matres and the derived Filiae

1. See illustration next page.
2. Should read “first”. By this alternate method, the Cadent figures are calculated by combining the figures according to the elemental triplicity of the zodiac signs that naturally correspond to each house. E.g., Aries to the first house, Taurus to the second, etc. Thus the ninth house, Sagittarius, is derived from the first and fifth houses, corresponding to Aries and Leo. The astrological chart on page 7 reflects this method, and not the “Theme” shown on the page 6.

according to the order of the signes: then in every House you shall note the Planets according to the nature of the Figure: then from all these you shall build your judgement according to the signification of the Planets in the signes and Houses wherein they shall be found, and according to their aspects among themselves, and to the place of the querent and thing quosited; and you shall judge according to the natures of the signes ascending in their Houses, and according to the natures of proprieties of the Figures which they have placed in the severall Houses, and according to the commisture of other Figures aspecting them: The Index of the Figure which the Geomancers for the most part have made. how it is found in the former Figure.
But here we shal give you the secret of the whole Art, to find out the Index in the subsequent Figure, which is thus: that you number all the points which are contained in the lines of the projections, and this you shall divine by twelve: and that which remaineth project from the Ascendant by the several Houses, and upon which House there falleth a final unity, that Figure giveth you a competent Judgement of the thing quesited; and this together with the significations of the Judgements aforesaid. But if on either part they shall be equal, or ambiguous, then the Index alone shall certifie you of the thing quesited.
The example of this Figure is here placed.

It remaineth now, that we declare, of what thing and to what House a Question doth appertain. Then, what every Figure doth shew or signifie concerning all Questions in every House.
First therefore we shall handle the significations of the Houses; which are these.
The first House sheweth the person of the Querent, as often as a Question shall be proposed concerning himself of his own matters, or any thing appertaining to him. And this House declareth the Judgement of the life, form, state, condition, habit, disposition, form and figure, and of the colour of men. The second House containeth the Judgement of substance, riches, poverty, gain and loss, good fortune and evil fortune: and of accidents in substance; as theft, loss or negligence. The third House signifieth brethren, sisters, and Collaterals in blood: It judgeth of small journeys, and fidelities of men. The fourth House signifies the fathers and grandfathers, patrimony and inheritance, possessions, buildings, fields, treasure, and things hidden: It giveth also the description of those who want any thing by theft, losing or negligence. The fifth House giveth Judgement of Legats, Messengers, Rumours, News; of Honour, and of accidents after death: and of Questions that may be propounded concerning women with childe, or creatures pregnant. The sixth
House giveth Judgement of infirmities, and medicines; of familiars and servants; of cattel and domestick animals. The seventh House signifies wedlock, whoredom, and fornication; rendreth Judgement of friends, strifes, and controversies; and of matters acted before Judges. The eighth hath signification of death, and of those things which come by death of Legats, and hereditaments; of the dowry or portion of a wife. The ninth House sheweth journeys, faith, and constancie; dreams, divine Sciences, and Religion. The tenth House hath signification of Honours, and of Magisterial Offices. The eleventh House signifies friends, and the substance of Princes. The twelfth House signifies enemies, servants, imprisonment, and misfortune, and whatsoever evil can happen besides death and sickness, the Judgements whereof are to be required in the sixth House, and in the eighth.
It rests now, that we shew you what every Figure before spoken of signifieth in these places; which we shall now unfold.

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